The importance of speaking to your clients about Social Security

A circumstance that is becoming more common in our daily lives is seeing people that have been employed for most of their adult lives retire with nothing in the bank and no investments in their portfolios either. To make matters even worse, there are those that qualify for different forms of compensation from the federal government, yet they aren’t in a position to access these payments because they do not understand how the system works. David Giertz also states that lower income earning individuals“>Giertz, an experienced investor and advisor says that it is vital for investors to advise their clients on the importance of social security.

First, there is the fact that one receives from the social security according to what they used to earn in the past. There are people that like minimizing their earnings in the books so as to pay fewer taxes according to While that will have a few short term benefits, it will work against them in the long run and they will end up receiving less than they could have had they paid their taxes obediently.

Then, people need to know that the method used in calculating ones earnings depends on the inflation rates on If you earned about $10000 in the nineties, it will be adjusted to about $20000 to factor in the inflation that has taken place over the years.

Giertz also states that lower income earning individuals need to take advantage of the system as it favors them greatly. The ironic thing about this group of people is that they are the ones that are most ignorant about the benefits of the system. It is also important, according to David Giertz, to note that one can be eligible for more than three types of benefits depending on their situation. Proper education on how the system works is the best way to deal with mistakes that could lead to disqualification at