The OSI Group – A growth mindset to last more than a century

In 1909, a man named Otto Kolschowsky opened a family owned and maintained meat market/butcher shop in Chicago called, Otto and Sons. Almost half a century later, the company becomes the first one to be selected by McDonald’s as a fresh ground beef supplier, enabling it to open its first plant in 1973. Since then, the evolution of this organization from a local business to an international entity has come about. Later renamed as the ‘OSI Group’ the company began expansion in the US opening its second factory in Utah. Soon, it delved into international waters by expanding to Germany, through a joint venture. The growth in Europe was fast, as the company moved to Spain in the 1980s, followed by Austria, Hungary, and Poland. This mindset of growth and innovation has enabled the company to establish itself in many countries throughout the world. It has also managed to open innovation and R and D centers in various countries, including China.

One of the most crucial reasons, as to why companies survive the test of time is linked to how they handle their growth. The OSI group has always shown a willingness to learn and join hands, as is evident by their many joint ventures. Even after more than a century since its beginning, the company has not let these values slip by.

The most recent triumph for the OSI group, in August 2016, is the acquisition of the Dutch manufacturer known as Baho Food. Baho Foods comprises of five further brands including, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, and Gelderland Frischwaren. The reach of these companies was well distributed in more than eighteen European countries. Along with the subsidiary companies, the OSI Group has also gained access to processing plants in the Netherlands. The style in which the acquisition is done, speaks volumes of how humble the growth mindset within the OSI group is. The entire team of Baho Food, including its managing director John Balvers, has been kept. The idea is to fully involve this team in drafting future plans for the combined growth of both businesses.

John himself has commented, “OSI has outstanding relationships with both its customers and suppliers. Baho Food, as part of the OSI Group, will be well positioned to leverage on the experience and capabilities of OSI Group. With our combined strengths, we will be even better able to support our customers in realizing their strategy and offer them a broader product portfolio. This transaction will accelerate our growth strategy and support us in jointly realizing our goals.”

That being said, the OSI group undoubtedly has displayed other strengths. such as being able to make decisions that are calculated and compliment their own strengths. Baho Food is a supplier of snacks, meat products, and other convenience foods. It’s brands, products and processing facilities are bound to increase the growth potential of the OSI group within the European market.

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