The Reach of the Kabbalah Centre Continues to Grow

In the 21st century, the growth of The Kabbalah Centre has reached record levels as the number of people looking to develop their own belief system and take a journey into spiritualism has been expanding across many different areas of the world. September 2016 saw the opening of a new Kabbalah Centre location in Washington D.C. that will serve the capital of the U.S. and join the growing list of locations in major global locations, such as London, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Although many commentators believe the number of celebrity followers of The Kabbalah Centre has had a major effect on the number of people choosing to study at major locations or via Online educational programs, the group has been growing over the many decades it has been in existence in the U.S. and across the planet. The Kabbalah Centre began life in the 1920s when the first attempts at translating a Hebrew version of the Kabbalah scripture, the Zohar was made by a teacher of the eventual founder of the modern version of The Kabbalah Centre, Rabbi Philip Berg; eventually, The Kabbalah Centre began to grow in 1969 when Rabbi Berg took over the group and began teaching all who wished to learn during a time when spiritual growth reached peak levels.

One of the main reasons millions of people around the world have been drawn to the study of the Kabbalah is the fact the teachings date back to a time before the beginning of organized religion as we know it in the modern world. The Kabbalah Centre in Washington D.C. has seen a major rise in interest since a study group and bookstore was established in the U.S. capital, which many believe has grown in importance because students of any faith can learn about this ancient form of religious teaching without having to consider their position in a religion or belief system.

Giving back to the local community remains an important part of the Kabbalah teachings that are provided at more than 40 physical locations across the planet. Celebrity followers, including Madonna and Jean Claude Van Damme have often been pictured entering some of these locations as they join millions of people in seeking out a better and more spiritually aware way of living their lives.