The White Shark Digital Marketer

White Shark Media is a critical Digital Marketing society in North America that offers online marketing solutions that are specifically custom-made for medium and small-sized production companies. The company has been recognized as North America’s highest expanding digital group.


The Company was established in 2011 by entrepreneurs from Denmark. They had tremendous experience in both online and offline marketing. Their main aim for founding the company was to take over the ever-expanding Latin America SMB market by offering outstanding and unprecedented service and product delivery.


The company’s growth is derived from its ability to provide world-class customer experience through its cost-effective search marketing promotions. The little startup company has assisted numerous clients to develop their production through the exploitation of its collection of proprietary marketing tools and online marketing tactics. The company’s success also owes to it’s fruitful and considerate tracking of customer efforts. The company ensures monthly customer accountability through its proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, keyword-level call tracking, and the Google Analytics Integration.


The primary clients of the enterprise still have their trust in the group. Its employee base is composed of Bing Ads, Display Advertising, AdWords Search, and Google Analytic specialist from all over the world. What curved out as the winning principle of the company was the mixture of both domestic and international presence with fully bilingual and talented employee base. White Shark clients are presented with proven concepts rather than experimental solutions.


The company growth was recognized by Google in 2012 when it received invitations to the Mountain View California Google Head Quarters. Google selected support teams to help White Shark develop extra control and expansion of its customer needs. SMB Google AdWords Premier Partnership honored White Shark Media as a result of the secure partnership that it had with Google. Very few agencies have had the honor to get such recognition since Google is too strict on consideration eligibility requirements. Microsoft also acknowledged White Shark’s success and small businesses marketing campaigns proven track record by forming a partnership with White Shark. Here, the company would serve as Microsoft’s Bing Ads Authorized Reseller.


White Shark Media is committed to customer sustained success. That is why it proposes cost-effective, innovative, no contract, transparent, and no charge marketing solutions. The company desires for creativity, experience, and dedication to attain such expansions in the Digital Marketing competitive landscape. White Shark Media expects its growth to expand in the coming years through its successful joint ventures and results-driven campaign approach.

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