Tony Petrello’s Back Story

As a boy growing up, Tony Petrello, had humble beginnings. He did not come from a well-to-do family, therefore he worked hard in school to make sure he could support himself and a family in the future. Tony Petrello was a very studious student, he vigorously studied math and logic. In the end his studies paid off, as he was awarded a full scholarship at the Ivy League University Yale.

Tony Petrello’s educational prowess showed much promise at Yale. So much so that the infamous Serge Lang, a mathematical theorist, noticed Tony. Lang was so impressed that he took Tony under his wing to assist with various projects. However, Tony had other aspirations and decided to make an educational shift. He changed degree plans and began studying law at Harvard Law School. In addition, he also studied human sciences.

Tony Petrello’s Career and Philanthropic Path

Tony worked various jobs until landing his position at Nabors Industries. Due to his work ethics and his diligent need to support his family; he moved up the corporate ladder swiftly. He shortly became the CEO for Nabors Industries. He gained notoriety as being a caring person and always looking for a way to help others.

Tony Petrello is a renown philanthropists and is highly recognized for his charitable works. Over the course of many years he and his wife have given more than $7 million in to the medical research community. He and his wife, Cynthia, work diligently to support medical research for children diseases and are big supporters of the Texas Children’s Hospital. The Petrello’s philanthropy to medical research began when their daughter, Carena, was born prematurely, and weighed merely ounces.

After learning that their daughter was born with a birth defect called periventricular leukomalacia, the Petrello’s looked to science for answers. PBL is a neurological disease found prominently in premature infants. Besides having PVL, their daughter suffered from cerebral palsy. This lead to the Petrello’s desire to seek a cure and/or treatment for their daughter and other infants that may suffer from the same issue.

In 2001, they founded the Petrello Family Foundation. The Petrello Family Foundation was created to improve the educational and medical infrastructure of the Houston, Texas. In addition, the foundation has set forth plans to gain resources for the performing arts. Besides the family foundation, the Petrello’s have established the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, with it’s main focus on neurological conditions in children.

Petrello’s Supporting the Performing Arts in Houston, TX

The Petrello’s are avid supporters of the performing arts in their home town of Houston. Recently they hosted festivities for Tommy Tune. Tommy is a native of Houston Texas and was visiting. The Petrello’s hosted a feast to remember for Tommy at their prestigious Shadyside Estate. The guests were many and the proceeds benefited the foundations performing arts project for Houston.

The Petrello’s wanted to give back and they did so by this grand gesture to Tony Award winning Tommy Tune. This is another way that the Petrello Family Foundation encourages the arts. The festivities were also for those, like Tommy Tune, that give back to the community by teaching and performing musical theatre in the area Houston High Schools.

Tony Petrello and his family are truly the ideal family that supports their community and gives back. Tony truly believes in defeating tough positions by using your intelligence, giving back, and working hard.