Tourists Leary of Travel To California After Latest Predictor

California is known to be prone to earthquakes due to the high number of fault lines. With some destructive, and even fatal, earthquakes in the past, Californians are prepared at all times for this type of catastrophe. However, what about those traveling to California. A new warning from geologists has tourists rethinking their travel plans.

Travel worries began when an earthquake predictor’s findings suggested a large earthquake could happen soon. Relying on astrology and Earth’s alignment with other planets, the predictor suggests it will happen sometime between February 21 and March 7.

“In this timeframe a rare geometry will cause a significant seismic increase, with probably one or two magnitude 7.8 earthquakes at least,” David Schwartz, a US Geological Survey (USGS) geologist explains. “But there is a definitely the potential for mega-thrust earthquake with magnitude 8 or even 9.”

Recently, other seismic predictors have also provided evidence that California is due for a powerful and large scale earthquake in the near future. After witnessing several small quakes, many experts have warned about being prepared if traveling to California. There are no formal travel risks, but there are a few things that you can do to make sure you are safe.

First, make sure that your travel insurance will protect you if anything should happen while on your trip. You should also remain aware of your surroundings and know where you should take cover if an earthquake were to happen.

It is important to note that California has not experienced an earthquake greater than a magnitude 7 since the catastrophic quake of 1906.