Travel Ban Impacting Travel to San Francisco

Under the current presidential administration, the world and United States have seen a lot of big changes. One way that the new administration is having an impact on the country is through reduced travel. Much of this has been attributed to the recent immigration policies that have been announced and various attempts at a travel ban. While many areas of the country will be affected by reduced travel, the city of San Francisco could be affected more than others (


Ever since the travel ban at times have been publicly announced, travelers from countries outside of the United States have showed a significant decline in travel to the country. This has been attributed to an overall feeling of uncertainty about being inside the United States. It has been shown that there has been a 17% decline in the amount of Internet searches related to booking trips to the United States.


One country that has shown the most significant decline of all his China. Since Chyna makes up the bulk of all travelers to the San Francisco area, this nationwide travel decline could impact this city most of all. In fact, overall Internet searches for flights from an international city to San Francisco international Airport are down over 45% since the last travel ban was announced. While the controversial travel bans have been put on hold by federal judges, it is clearly already having a major impact in the country. This could lead to a big cut into the $250 billion travel history in the United States.