Travel Healthy In California

Health reports show that California is one of the healthiest states in the nation. Some studies show that part of that equation is how much there is to do outdoors there, and the fact that many locals really take advantage of it. There is also the difficulty of keeping your diet on track while travelling. California is known for its healthy food options. If you decide to go on a west coast trip yourself, you can be lucky enough to take advantage of this as a part of your vacation.


Often, staying active on vacation can be difficult. Hotel gyms are not always the best, while plane and car travel keep you stationary. Airplane food is not good, if existent, and the airport, though better, is not always as great as you might like.


This is why visits to the many great, healthy restaurants along the west coast should be a part of your trip. So many choices, from fantastic Pacific seafood to locally grown produce are all waiting. Many of the famous Napa wine tours have delicious and healthy food associated with them. Healthy choices are easy to find in almost every city in the state.


Perhaps the most important part of a healthy, west coast trip is the many outdoor activities. The many national and state parks available there is some of the best hiking in the world. This article on Huffington Post talks about the seven best hikes in California. That list contains some of the most beautiful and historic spots in the United States.


And, of course, there are the beach and other water options. Everyone knows of the beauty of southern California beaches, or the majesty of the rocky coasts up north, but the rivers also contain some best whitewater and rafting in the nation.


Even if some of these choices are more than you might want to take on, make sure to take time to take care of yourself during your west coast vacation.