Travel to the US West Coast

There is a lot to see from travel to the West Coast of the USA, including California and other places like Las Vegas- etc. You can go to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm in California. Also there is Sea World and Universal Studios- so there are plenty of attractions in Southern California. The weather is good, and the area is travelable, espcially via driving.

In Northern California there is also a lot to see, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and other attractions. Alcatraz and the San Francisco Area area interesting, it is a nice area especially for tourists. California in particular is very drivable and additionally the drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco is nice. San Francisco and Northern California also have Napa Valley wine country and this is a great area to visit wine tasting events.

The drive across California is nice and you can also drive to the Sierra Nevada mountains for things like winter sports and sight seeing. Finally you can drive (or fly) from California such as San Francisco or LA to Las Vegas to see the sights. The Las Vegas strip is world famous and there is plenty of entertainment there. Nevada is also an interesting place and Hoover Dam is also an attraction to see locally.

All in all travelling to the USA west coast is fun and there are plenty of sites such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.