Troy McQuagge – Nominated As The Gold Winner By OnePlanet Award

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of prominent health insurance company, USHEALTH Group Inc. Acknowledging his professional success and acumen, he is nominated as the Gold Winner of the prestigious OnePlanet Award. The award honors business and professional excellent in every industry around the world, which makes it an extremely competitive affair to compete. Everyone from startups to non-profit and almost every type of organisation is eligible to vote for a candidate.

It is also notable that Troy McQuagge has received the award due to his unwavering commitment to increase sales and marketing of the company’s products. When he joined the company, in 2010, he was given the task of transforming and rebuilding the captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisers. In fact, Mr. McQuagge was so successful in implementing effective strategies to boost sales that he was immediately appointed as the CEO of USHEALTH Advisers. During his tenure as a CEO, the company has seen an unprecedented level of success, performance, and sales in a very competitive health insurance market.

Talking to the media about his success, Troy McQuagge was humble in acknowledging his achievements. According to Mr. McQuagge, the nomination is an honor for him. In fact, he also remembered his team at the company by dedicating the award to everyone at USHEALTH Advisers who worked hard to achieve sales. In addition, he also indicated that the success of the company is a result of adapting innovative health solutions for startups, business owners, and individuals who can grow as their healthcare needs grow.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a professional insurance expert who started his career as an insurance agent in 1983 working for Allstate Insurance Company. Using his expertise, he also enjoyed an extremely successful career as an employee of United Insurance Company. After joining the Student Insurance Division of UIC, he propelled the company to new heights by setting new single year sales records. When the company was bought by a private group, McQuagge continued to serve as the President of the newly found entity. Enjoying complete control over the sales and marketing of HealthMarkets, he propelled the new company to achieve sales of over $1 Billion. In recognition of his efforts, HealthMarkets also achieved the award for Insurance Sales Organization of the Year by Selling Power Magazine and the Stevie Awards.

In 2010, Troy joined USHEALTH Group, which proved a very sound decision for stakeholders of the new company as Troy continued his successful sales streak. In 2013, he was selected as the Chief Marketing Officer at the company followed by his appointment as the CEO of the group, one year later. Since 2014, Troy McQuagge is also instrumental in managing exceptional performance of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and other subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group.