Visitors Wait Hours To Buy Disneyland’s Limited Edition Candy Canes

Everyone knows Disneyland is a great Christmastime destination for travelers to the West Coast. Even if you’re a Disney fanatic, however, you might not know about this park’s most popular holiday-themed treat: hand-pulled candy canes.

Believe it or not, visitors actually wait for hours in multiple lines just to get their hands on this seasonal sensation. Demand for these candy canes has become so great that Disneyland authorities let people inside either Disneyland Park or California Adventure before they officially open to wait in the candy cane line.

Disneyland releases a candy cane schedule every year so everyone visiting knows when chefs will be making a fresh batch of candies. Disney’s chefs only make these candy canes from November through December.

Sadly, there aren’t enough candy canes for everyone who waits in line. Only people who receive a special wristband can actually order a candy cane. Each wristband tells customers when to come back to the stand to pay for their 18-inch candy cane.

It takes a great deal of prep work and labor to make even a small batch of these candy canes. Expert candy makers have to use special pulled sugar and peppermint in an extremely hot room. Guests can sometimes watch candy cane makers preparing the daily batch through the windows into Disneyland’s Trolley Treats or California Adventure’s Candy Palace.

These candy canes are so exclusive that it’s difficult for Disney cast members to try them. Two cast members who work at Trolley Treats admitted to reporters that they’ve never eaten one of the candy canes.

In case you were wondering, each candy cane costs $13. There is a limit to one candy cane per person.