Visual Search Engines – The Future Of The Internet

Don’t you hate when you are out shopping, see a fabulous piece of furniture or clothing, but they do not have your size, or the price is way more than you were expecting? Or perhaps your best friend has a new purse or pair of shoes that you are dying for but the stores are sold out. Imagine a time when you can simply pull out your phone, snap a picture of the item, and receive results from all over the internet of the exact same item. That time is quickly approaching thanks to advances in visual search engine technology. Soon all you will have to do to find what you are looking for is take a picture of an item or scan a barcode and have results sent to your phone instantly.

Slyce is one of the main frontrunners in this field of technology. They are providing users with a widget that allows consumers to enable visual search within their mobile phones camera view. They have also developed a standalone app that users can download and search that way. Slyce enables consumers to purchase products they encounter in the real world, whether it’s a picture in a magazine, or a whole outfit on a manikin in a store. Slyce’s visual search engine uses 1, 2 and 3 dimensional images. Using a 1 dimensional image such as a barcode or coupon, users will be able to connect directly to the product information. Using a 2 dimensional image such as printed materials or a product tag, users will be able to see the exact match and purchase directly online. Using a 3 dimensional image such as a purse, pair of shoes, or outfit, users will be able to find the exact product and buy online, or find out more information about it. Users will also be able to match photos of things pinned on Pinterest and find the product online.

Grokker, KartOO, Searchme and Viewzi are just a few other top companies developing and releasing visual search engines as well. Many use the same basic technology and are fairly similar in the way they run and provide search results to users. The key is to test out all the top options and decide which works best for you and suits your purposes the best. Get ready to step into the future of the internet with visual search engines, the world may never be the same.

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