Wealth Solutions Helping Clients Prepare For Retirement

Texas based company Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm who provides financial planning advice to its wealthy clients. Wealth Solutions priority to its clients is to help them achieve a comprehensive financial plan and diverse portfolio, while planning for retirement and protecting their amassed wealth, while minimizing risks. Their vision is to collaborate with their clients to understand their investing goals enabling the firm to better develop a comprehensive investment plan for each client.

Wealth Solutions uses the latest tax regulations, estate laws and market analysis to give their clients the best possible advice, enabling the client to make an informed decision about their investment prospects. Clients have an opportunity to sign up for the Wealth Solutions University which offer’s weekly investment information as well as other investment learning tools to give them more control in the decision making process. Wealth Solutions understands their clients have worked hard for their wealth and want to ensure they have the greatest return while minimizing financial risks.

Many clients aren’t sure how to develop an effective retirement plan. Wealth Solutions helps them to see the potential for growing wealth by contributing to a 401(k), searching IRA opportunities and mutual funds with minimal risk. As the enter retirement clients are given tax advice to minimize the amount of taxes they may need to pay. The are also advised on the appropriate time to begin accepting their social security benefits and how to create start income during their golden years. They also help their clients with the estate planning process working alongside their lawyers and and financial advisors to ensure their needs and assets are protected.

Richard Dwayne Blair grew up in the world of academics. His mother, grandmother and wife were teachers. Richard knows the importance of education and strives to pass that desire on to his clients. His knack for finance made his career choice an easy decision. After graduating from college Richard worked for some notable Texas financial firms such as
Crownbridge Wealth, LLC , Blair Insurance Group, LLC, Worldwide Ventures LP and
Worldwide Ventures GP, LLC, both were companies began by Richard as was United Global Securities, Inc..

While he began his career with The Equitable Life Assurance Society Of The United States
and Trinity Financial Services, it wasn’t long before Richard’s experience would lead him to open Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair has amassed 24 years of financial expertise and knowledge

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