Wengie 2015 Apartment Tour Video Recap

In this video, YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives viewers a tour of her apartment. She discusses how even though her fans were requesting this video for awhile, she put off making it because after she moved it, she didn’t decorate or organize right away.

First she shows her entry way. She notes that her kitchen is directly to the left of it, with her living room and sun room straight ahead. To the right are her laundry machines (which are hidden behind doors) and a shoe rack. She describes her kitchen as “open” because you can see the whole thing from the living room. She likes that her kitchen has a lot of storage even though the apartment is small. Wengie then points out her double ladder shelf filled with plants, candles, and her other favorite things. She then shows her couch covered in colorful pillows and the coffee table.

Next she shows her sun room. This is where she spends time working and watching TV. There are also floor to ceiling windows. She then describes her study area. It has a lot of storage and a desk with a computer. There is also a second hand cafe table that faces out the windows. Her home has a lot of succulents and potted plants.

Wengie then shows the bathroom. It has a toilet, shower, and sink but not much storage. She then moves on to her bedroom, which you access from the sun room. In the entry way to the bedroom is a big red chair. There is also a dressing table and a bed. The clothes closet is full of Wengie’s clothes, while her boyfriend uses a closet in the hall for his clothes. She decorates her room with flowers, fairy lights, and metallic pillows. She ends by saying that even though her house is only 58 square meters, she fits a lot into it by decorating smartly.


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