West Coast Eats

Planning a trip to the West Coast in 2018? Be sure to travel on an empty stomach, because some of the country’s most exciting new restaurants will be opening along the Pacific Coast throughout 2018. Whether you’re in the mood for Jamaican-style fare at Kaya in San Fransisco, or French cuisine at Portland’s Canard, you’re sure to find something that you enjoy. These new restaurants really showcase the innovation that local restaurateurs are bringing to the region – chefs from all countries and nationalities bring their own traditions and ingredients to combine with the fresh and vibrant ingredients of the region. The West Coast has always been a melting pot of different cultures, and the food of the region reflects this rich history.
Of course, don’t allow your excitement over these new West Coast restaurants allow you to miss out on old-standbys, either. Diners along the West Coast can enjoy a comfortable, casual atmosphere, with no dress codes to be seen whether you are grabbing a burger at the world famous In-n-Out Burger, or enjoying a special date at Seattle’s luxurious waterfront Canlis restaurant. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect restaurant for any occasion on your trip to the coast. Restaurants on the West Coast are also very accommodating of different dietary needs, so all vegan or gluten-free travelers need to do is phone ahead or check out an online menu or two and they will be guaranteed to have a stunning meal awaiting them along the coast.