Western Sites To Visit This Independence Day

In a recent article from Architectural Digest posted on the Huffington Post, a list of the most beautiful US landmarks was compiled. Specifically, this list focused on places significant to the founding, development, and history of the country. For this reason, many of the suggested sights for a 4th of July vacation centered around New England and the mid-Atlantic, where the USA fought to become and eventually became its own country. The few suggestions for the Western part of the country, though, are arguably some of the most breath-taking places to visit in the nation.


  1. The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California


An icon of the amazing force that is the American entertainment industry, this sign was put up in 1923. Whether you gaze upon it from the city below or actually venture up the mountain, the Hollywood sign will strike the dreamer inside you.


  1. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California


Also known as “The Rock”, Alcatraz was the nation’s first maximum security prison. Here you can tour the place where many of the country’s most notorious criminals served their time. Even if you don’t go for the history, the views of San Francisco from the island and the breathtaking ferry ride to the island are worth the visit.


  1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona


Want to see the place that inspired so many settlers, cowboys, and artists? Plan a trip to the Grand Canyon. Whether you want to enjoy adventurous outdoor activities like hiking and white water rafting or relax by a campfire in nature’s beauty, there is something for everyone.


  1. The Hoover Dam, Nevada


Though it was originally built as a way to provide jobs to people during the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam continues to have significance today. It is one of the most awe-inspiring man-made structures in the country and helps control flooding of the gorgeous Colorado River.