Why Avi Weisfogel launch the GoFundMe promotion

There are very many young children all over the world who are suffering from severe deformities such as clefts lips, cleft palate, and many others. Most of these kids or young adults who identified with such conditions are not able to get enough medical treatment or surgery because of lack of money. And to some extend some are even ignored and rejected by their parents. You don’t want to imagine the kind of pain such children go through. Thanks to people like Avi Weisfogel who have kind hearts and willing to support such kids in the community.https://angel.co/aviweisfogel

Mr. Weisfogel is a dentist by profession based in Old Bridge. His passion for helping is not something he adapted, but it’s something in him. He has helped many people to get sufficient dental care services. And his love aids him in choosing operation smile to benefit from his GoFundMe campaign

Avi Weisfogel is so delighted to publicize the inaugurate of a GoFundMe promotion crusade aiming to facilitate Operation Smile, which is an international medical charity association who is devoted to providing freely surgical procedures to such children. Their services are not only available for young kids, but they are also extended to young adults who are suffering from such facial deformities.

Mr. Avi has set up a target of $2000 which he expect through this campaign, and the primary motive of the operation smile is to ensure that every child has hope for a brighter and healthier tomorrow through their unending support. Recently, Mr. Weisfogel spoke in an interview on how operation smile firmly believe every child has the right to excellent surgery care and more importantly they must be treated in the same way you treat your kids.

Finally, In addition to the above, they also want to make sure every child is well prepared mentally and physically that in whatever they go through in life, they must never lose hope. The organization works both hospitals, local medical professionals, government and also many other organizations. They are very much determined to come up with the best and efficient solutions which will be accessible to all children and Mr. Avi chose Operation Smile the benefactor of GoFundMe promotion he is running is because he also wants all children to get medical care and due to his great contribution, many child are now smiling and happy.

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  1. Thanks Avi for your contributions in given and encouraging others to give but it could help if we give for preventive causes. Operation smile can stop people from crying. rushessay is really revolutionary in ideas they have.

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