Why Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Continue to Achieve Ecommerce Success

Adam Goldenberg entered the world of business when he was 15. He launched a company called Gamer’s Alliance, an advertisement network for the gaming industry. Goldenberg sold his high school enterprise to Intermix.


Goldenberg ended up leaving high school early and becoming the Vice President of Strategic Planning for Intermix. He later became COO of the same company. Goldenberg’s duties include marketing, management of internal systems, and margins. His tenure at Intermix helped Goldenberg understand the massive opportunities available in the world of ecommerce.


Don Ressler owned a website, FitnessHeaven.com, which was also sold to Intermix. Intermix happens to be the parent company of Myspace. Ressler’s skill in raising capital helped spark his interest to get into the fashion industry. The two entrepreneurs crossed paths at Intermix and began yet another ecommerce endeavor, Intelligent Beauty.


Dermstore is a company under Intelligent Beauty co-founded by Ressler. This initial company was the first of many projects that Goldenberg and Ressler were to work on together. Their knowledge of fashion trends and personalization led them to launch Techstyle. Techstyle is the parent company of JustFab which helped popularize the online subscription model for purchasing personalized items. For most of their careers, Ressler and Goldenberg have been immersed in digital commerce.


The pair has encountered a great deal of success with a particular brand of their, Fabletics. The subscription based model provides a way to get quality activewear at fraction of the typical price. The subscription is highly personalized to each individual wearer, learning the styles that are appreciated by the customer and curating fitness outfits just for them. Goldenberg and Ressler were committed to finding the perfect A-lister to work with Fabletics, a company underneath their umbrella of companies. They decided on Kate Hudson because she fully embodies the brand that Fabletics wants to uphold.


Both Ressler and Goldenberg have relied on Matrix Partners in order to fund JustFab and Intelligent Beauty. Due to launching these companies, Goldenberg and Ressler have experienced windfalls of success. They’ve used some of their revenue for philanthropic efforts in the community including charity events and community gardens. http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Adam_Goldenberg