Why Exceptional Counts At The Manse On The Marsh

Excellence is what sets the standard for care and attention that the Manse on the Marsh offers, they’ve been praised by many Yelp users for this. They offer exceptional care for each resident on beautiful grounds that are well manicured. The buildings look more like a luxury hotel then assisted living, and the food matches in quality and taste.

Choosing The Manse on the Marsh is a choice for the cut above the rest. The awards they’ve won speak for themselves. Its location is very close to many amenities. This makes walks and participating in extra activities that are available in the community an easy task. Churches are also within a block or two of the campus so partaking of religious activities is also a very doable thing.

If level of care is something that is important (as it should be) there are two top ranked hospitals within a mile of the campus. They have top notch doctors and nurses that can exceed all expectations of care. On the campus there are highly ranked nurses and aides that can meet all medical and care needs.

The staff also includes chefs that are the best at what they do. They prepare meals from a variety of tastes that can be tailored to meet the nutritional needs of the residents. Delicious snacks are also available whenever the munchies or just a craving hits. Staff can also aid residents with preparing their own meals in their living quarters if they so desire.

The staff also includes grounds keepers and janitors that work around the clock to keep everything smart and crisp looking. These individuals can also aid residents with the basic up keep of their rooms and even their pets if they need it. Weekly cleaning of rooms and living quarters can be arranged if it is desired.

Pets are an invaluable part of the lives of the residents. They can help residents live a richer, more meaningful life. Pets can sometimes get to be too much to care for though. When this may happen, staff can help with walks, cleaning litter boxes, and even getting them food and water.

Residents will also find many opportunities to socialize and get out and about. The outdoor bistro offers the opportunity to grab a cold drink and bask in the warm California sun. Whether chatting with other residents, spending time with pets or family members or simply relaxing it is just one thing that the Manse on the Marsh offers their residents.

Indoor activities can include movies, arts and crafts and exercise classes. Get togethers can include picnics, walks, and barbeques in the summer months. Once a week there is a non-denominational religious service for those who wish to participate as well. The Manse on the Marsh offers the best available for every resident in their care.