Why OneLogin is a go-to Provider for Cloud-based IAM

Nowadays, an increasing number of modern manufacturing organizations are turning their focus on cloud technologies to facilitate organizational success. On a more precise note, such organizations are seeking to boost security, simplify identity management, and improve their agility across their supply chains.

Despite the popularity of the cloud-based IAM, several manufacturers are still using on-premises identity management systems. Although such solutions emerged about two decades ago, they present certain impediments for manufacturing organizations. These challenges include at-risk sensitive data, overly complex identity management, high cost, and inefficiency across the supply chain. However, thanks to cloud-based IAM, all these problems can be overcome.

OneLogin IAM provides real-time Active Directory integration, multi-factor, single sign-on authentication. It is pre-integrated with over 5000 applications that comprise of Office 365, SAP, G Suite and Oracle. According to Chart Industries’ Enterprise Infrastructure Manager, Nate Hauenstein, the top outcomes of using OneLogin include a holistic view of security, reduction of administrative costs, and time-saving. Additionally, OneLogin Web Access Management can simplify the process of shifting away from legacy on-premises web applications. It accomplishes this activity through integrating with an organization’s web servers to secure access to its legacy apps.

About OneLogin

Established in 2010, OneLogin functions as a cloud IAM solution, which allows businesses to secure all their applications for use on various devices. It delivers integrity and speed to the modern business. In fact, it offers a wide range of award-winning products for both single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. Through OneLogin, a business can get rid of directory integration expenses, strengthen security and minimize password trouble ticket load.

OneLogin boasts millions of clients at over 2000 organizations in 44+ nations globally. Some of these organizations include Carlyle Group, AAA, Citizen, Fastenal, Herman, Tableau, and San Jose Unified School District among many others. OneLogin is also behind the acquisition of several companies including New Zealand-based ThisData, Cafe soft, Portadi, and Sphere Secure Workspace, Inc. When it comes to recognition, Gartner Peer Insights acknowledged OneLogin as #1 amongst other access management providers. Additionally, JMP Securities LLC named the company among the Fast 50 privately owned networking, storage, and Internet security companies.