Why TechStyle CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Choose Digital First

Technology startup gurus Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are best known for founding JustFab. JustFab is an online subscription fashion company that specializes in offering its followers access to shows, purses, jewelry, clothes and accessories. The company revolutionized the way the fashion was sold online.


Prior to JustFab, online fashion companies marketed themselves individually to consumers. However, with consumer attention span at an all time low, brands were struggling to grow a follower base. It was difficult for smaller companies to earn a large follower base when they were competeing for email inbox space with mega names like Ann Taylor, Old Navy and Target. By bringing a multitude of online fashion boutiques together under one email, JustFab truly changed how the game was played.


JustFab’s daily email introduced its millions of email subscribers to companies that they likely would have never stumbled upon. Similarly, online companies received massive exposure to JustFab’s follower base that they would have never received with even a very large marketing budget.


That is why JustFab is known as one of the first unicorn fashion e-commerce startups in existence. Goldenberg and Ressler founded it with a dream of bringing fashion into the digital space of millions of followers, yet they may have not even known that their unicorn would take off and forever change the landscape of how fashion e-commerce worked.


As the company grew, Goldenberg and Ressler continued to venture out and build and acquire more brands in the fashion startup industry. It became so incredibly large that they formed what is now TechStyle. TechStyle represents the two things that the founders are passionate about, technology and fashion. The company’s holdings utilizes big data to reach their consumers on a personal level and to create marketing content that will resonate with their followers.


TechStyle reached new heights when it partnered with Kate Hudson to launch the fashion brand Fabletics. Spearheaded by one of the world’s top actresses, Kate Hudson, Fabletics has changed the game itself when it comes to athletic wear. Like most of TechStyle’s companies, Fabletics has a vision to be a digitally centric company. They invite customers into a unique online store room that gives customers the convenience to shop and engage with Fabletics on their own terms, without having to visit an actual retail location.


Goldenberg and Ressler have truly reinvented how e-commerce is done. The two continue to pioneer new ways to engage with customers in the digital space. https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ressler-328b4618