Wine Destinations in California

When you are looking for a great vacation destination, one amazing place to visit is the state of California. California is very well known for having warm weather, beautiful scenery, and plenty of glitz and glamour. While California already has plenty of great reasons to visit, the wine scene in the state maybe one of the main reasons why you should consider traveling (

Overall, California is considered the top wine region in the United States. One of the best known areas for wine is in the region in and around Napa Valley. This area of California is the home to many of the largest and most reputable vineyards in the country. The region is also home to some of the nicest tasting rooms, restaurants, boutique hotels, and other tourist destinations. This can be a great place to take a local tour to make sure you are seeing all that should be seen.

Located just south of Napa Valley is the city of Sonoma. The Sonoma wine area is also very well known for its great quality wine. Next to Napa, it may be the most popular wine destination in the entire country. Those that are looking for cabernets and other deep red wines may find that this area has plenty of great options.

While it is not as well known, the far northern area of California also has some great vineyards. This area of the state is better known for some of its pinot noir options and a variety of white wines.