Wine Flies Free: West Coast Travel News

February 18 was National Drink Wine Day. This is a big day for wineries on the West Coast of the United States. Alaska Airlines got into the act in 2018 by expanding its extremely popular Wine Flies Free program.

How the Wine Flies Free Program Works

The Wine Flies Free program is for the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan participants. Through the program, people departing from certain cities in California, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington were able to check an entire case of wine at no charge. As part of the Wine Flies Free program, the airline is also served a complimentary glass of wine to passengers who were 21 years of age and older.

In 2018, the Wine Flies Free program was expanded an additional 18 cities, resulting in 29 departure points being part of the program. The airline worked with various regional winegrowers’ associations in the four-state region as well as individual wineries and destination marketing organizations to widely promote the program. This resulted in more people taking advantage of Wine Flies Free. Alaska Airlines intends to continue to push the program in 2019 and beyond as well.

History of Wine Flies Free

Wine Flies Free debuted in 2007, and has been growing ever since. During the first year, the program allowed passengers departing from Santa Rosa and Sonoma County to check wine on their flights on National Drink Wine Day at no cost. This was in response to the high cost associated with shipping wine. The program immediately gained popularity on all fronts.