You Will See A Lot of Homeless In Los Angeles

In the course of six years, the amount of homeless people in Los Angeles had surged up seventy-five percent. This equates to 55,000 homeless people. When you go to Los Angeles, there are cities of tents in streets, among hills and under bridges. There are tent cities where tens of thousands of people are homeless. This is pretty shocking to see.

Of course, in the homeless population there is a pretty notable amount of people who have problems such as drug addictions and mental illnesses. However, there are many people who are just poor. The costs are living are very high. Even if people have jobs, they may not be able to afford or find homes. Being an employed poor, working class or perhaps even lower middle class person may not guarantee you a place to live. So, the cost of living is definitely something to consider.

Some people claim that the recent wildfires in Southern California were caused by a homeless person’s cooking fire. If this is true, then the wildfires represent more deep, sad truths about our society than we thought. There are various places in Southern California that are attempting to evict homeless encampments of people by using legal loopholes and crafting laws that shoo away homeless people. The question is: where will these homeless people go? Rules are made up that sound like residents aren’t trying to kick homeless people off pieces of land—because it sounds inhumane to say that you want to kick homeless people off land. However, whether residents directly voice their desires or not, there are some valid safety concerns for why residents would not want huge homeless encampments near them.